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Evondos and Group Saltó signed a frame agreement for health robotics cooperation in Spain

Briefing | 02.06.2022

Evondos, the leading provider of automated medicine dispensing services in the Nordics, and Group Saltó, a Spanish point of reference in technological services, have signed a frame agreement for cooperation in Spain. With the cooperation Evondos builds its capability to serve home care organizations in Spain. Evondos service ensures medicine adherence, safety, and support seniors to live independently at home.

Group Saltó will support Evondos by providing with local support to the care organizations in Spanish, Catalan, Euskera and Galego. It will also be logistical partner to Evondos and installs and maintains medicine dispensing robots. For care givers Group Saltó is also responsible for giving the basic level training on Evondos service. Both companies are known for exceptional customer service. “Group Saltó is an ideal partner for Evondos, helping to be successful in Spain and helping us to grow from Nordics to Europe”, says Eetu Koski Evondos Group CEO.

Evondos is the leading provider of automated medicine dispensing services in the Nordics. Evondos’ unique service provides significant quality  and benefits  for  professional  home  care  organizations by ensuring high level of medication safety and adherence. The service enables people in need of medical treatment to get the right medicine at the right time and in the right dose automatically, which improves patient safety, medical adherence and supports independent life at home. Evondos service enables 99% medication adherence, and it has already dispensed 15 million medication doses in the Nordics. The service is based on advanced technology and consists of an automatic medicine dispensing robot installed in private homes, with a cloud-based Telecare system and service elements. Today the service is in use in nearly 300 home care organizations in the Nordics. Evondos currently employs more than 150 people in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Evondos’ headquarters and production facilities are located in Salo, Finland.

Group Saltó is since 1994 committed to provide global services, adding value to ICT through its implementation, evolution and maintenance. Being present in different business areas, such as tech services, consulting and robotics, Saltó has become a preferred partner throughout the Spanish territory, also collaborating with well-known international companies.

In recent years, Salto’s need-of -improvement healthcare systems awareness has lead the company to develop projects involving assistance robots in social and health environment. After being awarded for its proposal in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona 5G challenge in 2019, Saltó started to deploy robots, with its own developed platform, in senior private homes to combat loneliness, assist those in need of reminders of daily tasks and help caregivers being able to monitor their status’ anytime.

The company is currently collaborating with the Barcelona city Council to improve the quality of life of elderly people through the optimization of the management and care using robots.

“For Group Saltó, the collaboration with Evondos is an ideal opportunity to put technology at the service of people”, says Jaume Saltó, Group Saltó CEO.

SALO, Finland; LLEIDA, Spain, June 2nd 2022

Contact for Evondos:                                                             
Eetu Koski,CEO                                                                          
Evondos Group                                                                        

Contact for Group Saltó:
Jaume Saltó, CEO
Group Saltó                        

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