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How it works for the user

Evondos robot will assist you by dispensing your medicine at the right time. When it is time to take your medication, the robot provides guidance in taking medications, both by issuing spoken instructions and sound signals, and by displaying written instructions on the device screen with indicator lights.  
If the medicine is not taken after multiple reminders, the dose will be locked inside the device and the care personnel will be notified. The robot provides you with a pre-cut pouch for easy opening.  
Evondos robot and service reportedly support independent life at home without being dependent on care personnel schedules. Users of Evondos-service have more than 99 % adherence to their pharmacotherapy.  
To get the robot, please contact your home care organization.





You will receive your own medicine dispenser, reminding you to take the medicine. The dispenser stores your medicines safely and acts as a locked medicine cabinet. You can place it where it suits you if it can be plugged into an electrical outlet.  



The medicines that are refilled on the dispenser are pre-packaged in pouches, and the dispenser checks that it is precisely your medications that are refilled. 



When it's time to take medication, you'll be notified, and the medication comes out when you press the button that lights up green. 



After pressing the button, the correct medicine bag comes out and the dispenser guides you through the medication. The dispenser pre-cuts your pouches making them easy to open. 

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The robotic pill dispenser reminds you of the time to take you dose, provides valuable guidance and acts as a locked medicine cabinet when medication is missed. Care providers can monitor the activity of the Evondos robot remotely and refill the robot with medication, ensuring safety at all times.

To get the robot, please contact your home care organization.