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Evondos with VideoMed in Norway

Evondos with VideoMed in Norway

The medicine dispenser Anna makes it possible for healthcare personnel to dispense the medicines without physically being with the user. Sokndal municipality is the first municipality to use it and has great faith in the new solution. 

«Sokndal thinks it is exciting to be able to take part in adopting digital supervision using Evondos Anna. We see great potential in this solution, and feel that it is intuitive for the user» says an adviser in Sokndal municipality, Anita Stene.

In the spring of 2023, our sales manager Cato and customer advisor Jannicke travelled to the municipality to hold an administrator course, where they introduced Evondos Anna. After the course, Sokndal municipality chose to use Evondos Anna. This means that they are the first municipality in Norway to use the Anna medicine dispenser. 

Unique feature  

The medicine dispenser Anna has a unique VideoMed functionality, which means video-assisted dispensing of medicines. This means that healthcare personnel can dispense the multidose bag during the video call and confirm that the service recipient is taking the medicine correctly. During the conversation, they can also gain a better understanding of the user's well-being and, in addition, advise if necessary. Evondos' remote care system functions as an administration system for the Evondos service and provides an overview of the medication status. 

«Being able to see that the user is taking the medication, through the camera on the medication dispenser, will be of great value to some users. This will provide opportunities to improve the distribution of medicines so that users receive them at the right time. This has been challenging when we have to spend time driving between users in times of pressure», says Stene. 

 Medicine dispenser Anna's video function can be used in various ways. Either in assisted mode or in independent mode. In independent mode, the user takes out medication in the same way as with the E300. In addition, the video functionality can be used regardless of the medication time to perform safety-creating digital supervision. 

Supplement to physical inspections 

Stene says that they want to test the medicine dispenser in several areas of use, such as replacing and adding on the physical inspections with digital inspections. 

«For some users, perhaps digital supervision can replace some of the physical visits, and still have just as good an effect and be just as good an experience for the user. In this way, we can monitor users more closely, through digital supervision based on the individual user's needs - without using resources on movement», says Stene. 

When the dispenser is in assisted mode, healthcare personnel manage when the medication is to be dispensed. This is done by establishing video contact with the service recipient, then healthcare personnel release the medication during conversation and eye contact with the patient. Service recipients who have the medication dispenser Anna in assisted mode can only dispense their medication during a video call with healthcare personnel, i.e. never otherwise. 

Evondos' remote care system functions as an administration system for the Evondos service and provides an overview of the medication status. Our customer advisors are always ready to assist you in the implementation process. 

We wish Sokndal Municipality the best of luck with the further use and implementation of Evondos Anna! 

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