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Service description

The robot guides users to take the right medication at the right time

The Evondos service ensures a high standard of pharmacotherapy guiding homecare clients in always taking the correct medicine in the prescribed dose at the right time. The service uses prepacked multi-dose medicine pouches provided by a pharmacy, reading the time for administering medication from the pouch text field and operating accordingly.
The Evondos service is compatible with all multi-dose pouches on the market.


The robot provides guidance in taking medications, both by issuing spoken instructions and sound signals and by displaying written instructions on the device screen with indicator lights. 

If the client fails to take a dose for any reason, then the robot moves the untaken dose into a locked medicine container to avoid compromising medication safety. The robot notifies the care organization of the incident and an entry is also made in the system log. Only care staff may access the contents of the locked medicine container.



The care organization and care staff may monitor the progress of pharmacotherapy in real-time from the control system, and also remotely using a mobile phone application. Relatives may also be granted access to this information.



The service may also be used for sending various messages to the service client, such as advice to drink plenty of water on hot summer days, queries about how the client is feeling, reminders from care staff of upcoming therapy measures, or warnings of late arrival for home calls.


Secure medicine storage

An Evondos robot is a secure way to keep medicines at home. Only care staff may access these medicines, which are packaged in dose dispensing pouches from which the robot delivers only the correct dose at the right time. The medicines are not otherwise available, thereby eliminating any risk of overdose or other misuse. 

The robot transfers any medicines that have not been taken as instructed to a locked container that can only be opened by a care staff member. The robot also alerts the care staff at this time. 

The medicine-dispensing robot keeps an electronic treatment log of its operations that is kept in the system for several years so that historical reports remain available. 

Designed for professional use

The Evondos service has been designed to meet the needs of home care clients, the elderly, or other home care clients, and the professional care organizations that serve them. The medicine-dispensing robot is user-friendly, with only a large button to press in order to receive the medication.

The robot provides guidance in taking medicine using sound and light signals, with instructions that are both spoken and appear as text on a display screen. Messages sent to the robot may be read in large-print text on the large screen of the device. 

The robot advises the client of the next scheduled time for medication if any attempt is made to take further medication prematurely. Only care staff may access the locked container for medicines that have not been taken. Care staff may log into the medicine-dispensing robot system using an electronic identifier or personal user access codes. The robot has a special travelling mode that enables it to pre-dispense medication for a period when the client is travelling, with medication reminders then issued by text message to a mobile phone. 

The power switch is inside the robot and accessible only to care staff, and an internal battery enables the service to continue for 24 hours during a power cut. The robot is operating normally when running on its batteries. In case of data connection interruption, the robot is not in contact with the control system (Telecare), its log data will be uploaded to the system when data connections are restored. 

Clients with stiff joints or shaky hands may have difficulty opening a medicine pouch, so the robot assists by pre-cutting the pouch for immediate use.

Evondos®E300, Evondos®Anna and Evondos®Telecare systems are all CE-marked according to the European MDR directive.

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