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Supporting your independence

Evondos Automated Medicine Dispensing Service ensures the right medicine, at the right time,  to the right person.


Over 30 million medicine doses dispensed

Evondos automated medicine dispensing service is designed to enhance users's safety, independence and health from the comfort of their homes.

The medication dispensing robot reminds you of the time to take your dose, provides valuable guidance and acts as a locked medicine cabinet when medication is missed. Care providers can monitor the activity of the Evondos robot remotely and refill the robot with medication, ensuring safety at all times.

The Evondos service has correctly dispensed tens of millions of medicine doses to the right individual at the right time — with proven 99 % adherence.

Success stories

Making a difference for caregivers and independent home users across Europe.

Transforming the lives of our customers

The Evondos automatic medicine dispensing robot has maintained 92-year-old Maija-Lisa's independence while ensuring she always receives the medication she needs.

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The Evondos medication robot is designed to enhance users safety, independence and health by automating monitored medication dispensing from the comfort of their homes.