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Evondos® — an ideal combination of software and hardware

An Automatic Medicine Dispensing Robot and Service

The Evondos® Service consists of the medicine dispensing robot, Telecare system, customer care, and other service elements, for example, support and training. The automated medicine dispensing (AMD) system has been designed to meet the needs of home care clients, the elderly, or other home care clients, and the professional care organizations that serve them. 

The Evondos service ensures a high standard of pharmacotherapy guiding homecare clients in always taking the correct medicine in the prescribed dose at the right time. The automated medication service uses prepacked multi-dose medicine pouches provided by a pharmacy.  

The care organization and care staff may monitor the progress of pharmacotherapy in real-time from the Telecare system, and remotely using a mobile phone application.

Evondos®E300, Evondos®Anna and Evondos®Telecare systems are all CE-marked according to the European MDR directive.  


  • Guides a person in taking the correct dose at the right time.
  • Allows safer medication management.
  • Free up nurse and care staff time to treat more patients with the same workforce.
  • Reduce the number of physical medication dispensing visits.
  • Increases employee satisfaction.
  • Ensures high medication adherence.
  • Improved patient safety.
  • Costs savings in travel and medication distribution costs.
  • Nurses and care staff have more control over their primary work. 

The medicine-dispensing robot is user-friendly, with only a large button to press to receive the medication. The robot provides guidance in taking medicine using sound and light signals, with instructions that are both spoken and appear as text on a display screen. 


See below video how Tomelilla municipality in Sweden is using the Evondos Service: