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Evondos extends Icelandic deal by two more years

Evondos extends Icelandic deal by two more years

An agreement signed in 2021 to use Evondos medicine-dispensing robots in the home care sector in Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik has recently been extended by two years.

“Both patients and staff have been happy with Evondos’ services, which is very satisfying to hear”, says Evondos Sales Director Markus Mäkelä.

As many as 200 robots are expected to be installed in Reykjavik over the next two years as part of a collaboration with Icelandic healthcare and pharmaceuticals retailer Icepharma.

Evondos’ robots dispense the correct dose of medicine to patients at the right time. They also remind them when it is time to take their medication, and even send an alarm to relatives and care providers if the medicine is not taken for any reason - which increases patient safety.

“You no longer have to worry about the person you care for forgetting their medicine”, says Markus Mäkelä.

The medicine-dispensing robots make it possible for patients to receive care at home for longer. This supports their independence and better quality of life, while the care organizations responsible for them can ensure medication is being dispensed and taken correctly.

Evondos’ robots were introduced into Reykjavik in collaboration with pharmaceutical distributor Icepharma, which supplies Evondos’ robots to Iceland nationally and is responsible for providing local support. Reykjavik has now decided to continue to use Evondos' medicine dispensing service for two more years.

“The collaboration with Evondos has been extremely successful. Evondos has been here for us every step of the way and that shows in the successes here in Iceland. We are seeing a great benefit in being able to offer this service here in Iceland and the continuous collaboration with the city of Reykjavik confirms the quality that Evondos brings to the home care sector here in Iceland. We look forward to the future as Evondos is a big part of that vision “, says Stefanía Fanney Björgvinsdóttir at Icepharma.

Approximately two hundred medicine-dispensing robots will be installed throughout Reykjavik over the next two years. The city’s home care service will be responsible for the maintenance of the robots, while Icepharma will ensure they are installed and used correctly and provides support to the care personnel.

“The medicine-dispensing robots make it easier for home care staff to organize their schedules. The dispenser also adds a safety aspect if poor weather makes it hard for staff to make it out to all clients on time”, says Stefanía Fanney Björgvinsdóttir.

She continues, “In addition, peak visit times in the mornings and at noon can be significantly reduced because patients can take their medicine themselves. This reduces stress for the staff, while the patients do not feel as though they must get up early and prepare for visits. This creates a greater sense of freedom”.

Evondos’ robots are available in all Nordic countries and are considered a valuable tool for meeting the challenges of an aging population.

“More healthcare digital technology is a must if we are to support the healthcare workforce tasked with taking care of an increasingly growing elderly population. We are delighted about Reykjavik's choice to extend the use of Evondos service and look forward to another two years of fruitful cooperation”, concludes Markus Mäkelä.

For more information and interview requests, please contact:

For Evondos

Mikko Hyle
Marketing Director
T. +35 8 40 70 06 897

For Icepharma

Stefanía Fanney Björgvinsdóttir
Account Manager
T. +35 4 520 4322

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