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Arvika is awarded for their work with Evondos medicine dispensing robots

Briefing | 29.10.2021

Arvika municipality has the most medicine dispensing robots counted per inhabitants in Sweden. The municipality and the system administrator Elisabeth Lejroth are now awarded the eDiamond Award.
- "I'm completely overwhelmed. Our goal is for our patients to feel independent – and they do thanks to the robots," says Elisabeth Lejroth.

The eDiamond Award was awarded during eFörvaltningsdagarna 2021, which was held from 27-28th of October. The prize goes to the organization that during the year best offered citizens, companies and their own organization new opportunities by establishing socially beneficial e-services.

"We have had Evondos robots since 2016 and have steadily increased the number over the years. Our patients become more independent, we get better schedueles and there are fewer medicine," says Elisabeth Lejroth.

Arvika was one of the first municipalities in Sweden to introduce pharmaceutical robots – and today the municipality has the most drug robots per capita in Sweden. Elisabeth Lejroth also believes that the need for robots has increased during the pandemic.

"We have several patients who want medicine dispencing robots instead of our staff visiting them several times a day – many have been afraid of becoming infected.

Elisabeth Lejroth became interested early on in how technological innovations can improve healthcare. She is a nurse at heart and got the role system administrator at Arvika municipality about ten years ago. Her role has been crucial to the successful implementation of Evondos robots in the municipality.

"If we see that a person can take their own medicines, we present this possibility, it's not in the age it sits. The oldest person with a robot is almost a hundred years old and she is very happy," Elisabeth Lejroth says.

The motivation for the award:
"Through a well-done work in home care, the winner has shown that you can save almost half an hour per day in time. This is by having the most medicine dispensing robots per inhabitant in all of Sweden. In this way, many hours of freed time are created that are transformed into warm hands and real care.

"Arvika is a sparsely populated municipality, and a lot of time is used to drive between the care takers to distribute medicines. Most care takers also have a morning medication at 8am and it's hard to be everywhere at that particular time. Instead, we can devote more time to those who need human care. More hands where needed, we usually say," says Elisabeth Lejroth.

Arvika has Evondos robots in home care, social psychiatry etc.

Evondos was present at Välfärdsdagarna and eFörvaltningsdagarna to present a new study from IHE, the Institute for Health Care Economics, which shows that automated medicine management can set free up to millions of hours in Swedish healthcare. Read more about this here: The value of medicine robots - IHE Report summary (

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