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Video Release - the Story of Evondos

Blog | 08.02.2023

My name is Mika Apell and I’m the founder of Evondos. The whole idea behind creating an automized way to manage medicine dispensing at home started during a university project based on real life experiences. My personal story started already when I was a little boy spending time together with my grandmother. I saw home care personnel that spent too much time on handling medicines and too little time on my grandmother in their care. I also realized how important it is for a lot of people to still be independent as they grow older. Observations, innovation and amazing people along the way has helped me build Evondos to where it is today. I am so proud of our journey and that we never steer away from one of our founding pillars - independent life at home. Please, check out this video where I share my personal story on how it all started. Kind Regards, Mika


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