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Service impacts

A medicine-dispensing robot has a wide range of impacts

The Evondos service improves the quality and effectiveness of home care:

  • Adherence to pharmacotherapy. The robot directs the client to take medicines at the right time, which is important when treating Parkinson’s disease and other disorders. The service informs care staff if a dose has not been taken on time.
  • Improved drug safety. Care staff and relatives (where requested) can monitor medication remotely. The robot always dispenses the intended dose and withholds further medication.
  • Reduced need for routine pharmacotherapy calls. Home calls may focus on administering therapeutic measures.
  • Care staff working hours are easier to plan with fewer medication-related calls and pressure taken off peak times in the morning and afternoon.
  • Independent living is experienced by the home care client, which again in many instances have proven to reduce need for help with other vital tasks.

High quality care, high medical adherence

The Evondos service is intended for individuals in cases where there are uncertainties in implementing independent pharmacotherapy. A medicine-dispensing robot ensures that the user gets the right medicines at the right time, and that future doses are kept out of the user’s reach in a locked medicine container. Deploying a medicine-dispensing robot improves the quality of homecare. The Evondos medicine delivery service significantly improves the safety of pharmacotherapy by almost completely ruling out the medication errors that account for more than half of all treatment errors made in Finland. 
Evondos service clients have taken more than 10million doses delivered by a medicine-dispensing robot, at the right time and in the right dosage. The service has enhanced the medical adherence of clients to record high levels exceeding 99 per cent. The Evondos service enables monitoring of pharmacotherapy, maintaining an electronic treatment record of each dose taken so that individual pharmacotherapy can be followed up.

A survey of homecare staff and clients is conducted when deploying the Evondos service. Both staff and clients have praised the service. The staff find that medicine-dispensing robots make their work easier, while clients are pleased with the additional freedom and support for independent living that they provide.