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Year-end Message from Evondos Group CEO

Year-end Message from Evondos Group CEO

As the year is about to close, I wanted to thank you and share a quick summary of 2023.

We have been fortunate enough to have had many years of growth as a company. Our expectation for 2023 was to continue that trend even despite the geopolitical crisis in Europe.


Coming out of a global pandemic, one thing was clear: we are all used to working remotely. Most of our meetings are in Teams and/or similar platforms. Also, remote care has paved its way to being the new normal.   


As we announced in 2022, a loan was received from Black Rock for international growth. Evondos could therefore expand to central Europe by joining forces with Medido from the Netherlands. Both companies were founded on the same idea and purpose: to enable independent living at home supported by safe medication management.   


By joining forces, Evondos will look for further expansion to bring our innovation and technology to international markets. We want to further support the daily work of care personnel and enable more time for quality care where warm hands are needed. Both Evondos and Medido are leading the innovation when it comes to safe medication management in Europe. That is something we want to expand and bring to a wider population (more markets) and people in need of safe medication management.   


One of the highlights during the year was a customer project in Barcelona, Spain at the same time as we opened our European call centre in Barcelona. Another highlight is our factory in Finland which has expanded significantly as part of our growth. Today, we employ over 100 professionals in our factory in Salo. Finally, in Sweden, Evondos was selected as the 1st choice in the advanced segment with the potential to serve the (nearly two million) people living in the Västra Götaland Region (in and around the city Gothenburg).


In Finland, parallel to the challenges of finding qualified care personnel, the entire country changed its care governance system under the new name “Wellbeing Services Counties". Despite the massive changes on a systemic level, we are pleased to see that our good cooperation continues to be strong with our customers and partners in Finland.  


At Evondos, we believe that the employee experience works as an enabler for a best-in-class customer experience. We continue to see positive feedback and customer satisfaction across Nordic countries and the Netherlands. These two indicators together are very important as we move into 2024. 


We take pride in being the leading medicine dispensing company and service in Europe. We also want to keep it that way. Evondos is investing heavily in future product development and, as a team, we are thrilled about future opportunities that lie ahead of us in new technological solutions and new markets.    


Today, thousands of Europeans will hear, in their homes, Evondos’ sound reminding them that “it’s time to take your medicines. From the most Northern part of Finland in Sodankylä to Helsinki, to Oslo, to Kramfors in Sweden and in Barcelona, Spain - either with VideoMed assisted medicine take or the traditional way.  


Thank you for this year and wishing all the best for 2024! 

Eetu Koski 

CEO, Evondos Group 


For more information, please contact:
Mikko Hyle
Marketing Director
T. +35 8 40 70 06 897

Evondos is the leading provider of automated medicine dispensing services in the Nordics. Evondos’ unique service provides significant quality and impact of saved nursing time benefits for professional home care organizations. The service enables people in need of medical treatment to get the right medicine at the right time and in the right dosage automatically, which improves patient safety, medical adherence and supports independent life at home. The service is based on advanced technology and consists of an automatic medicine dispensing robot installed in private homes, with a cloud-based control system and service elements. Evondos currently employs nearly 200 medical device professionals in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Evondos Group is headquartered in Helsinki and has its operations and production facilities in Salo, Finland.

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