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Great Place to Work Certificate to Evondos

Briefing | 16.09.2021

“Together we are strong” is one of the Evondos values. “As a demonstration of that value and based on the feedback in employee survey, Evondos received Great Place to Work® certificate” says Eetu Koski, Evondos CEO. Job satisfaction and excellent employee experience form the foundation for a successful company. Those directly link with customer experience. “We measure job satisfaction and customer experience regularly and based on the feedback we develop our performance together with our personnel. What is already good is improved further, and naturally areas recognized as improvement opportunities get special attention” continues Koski. Our personnel emphasized the purpose of their work – Evondos service is valued high in terms of its impact to the whole society.


Evondos has experienced significant growth during the past years: revenue, personnel, and profitability have all developed positively. Number of employees in Nordics has grown by 50% in one year. “Evondos is successful due to hard working, committed and skillful employees, who also believe in what we do” says HR Director Kaisa Kaariluoto-Elo, with smile on her face. Passion for improvement is one of our values, too. Therefore we keep looking for opportunities to continuously improve our ways of working. Everyone can feel the purpose in their work, and do something which is meaningful. With Evondos service we enable independent life at home. “We hope Evondos is a company where people can do their jobs with pride and joy” emphasizes Kaariluoto-Elo.

“What makes Evondos a great place to work is the trust what people have in each other, as well as good leadership. No one is left alone if they ask for help”, says Marko Kaikkonen, Lead Software Developer. “When I joined Evondos I felt at home right away. Managers and leaders are truly approachable and we have wonderful colleagues. I get to try new things at work, and my wishes how to shape my job are being heard. In general, employees have their voice, and they are listened and heard” comments Satu Lehtinen, Shop Steward at production. 

Great Place to Work certificate is internationally known symbol for a good employee experience. Certificate can be achieved by companies with more than 10 employees if the survey result shows the personnel trust in their employer and are satisfied with their jobs. Certificate demonstrates both to the employees and others that the company wants to develop and maintain good and healthy culture at the workplace.

Evondos is the leading provider of automated medicine dispensing services in the Nordics. Evondos’ unique service provides significant quality and cost benefits for professional home care organizations. The service enables people in need of medical treatment to get the right medicine at the right time and in the right dose automatically, which improves patient safety, medical adherence and supports independent life at home. The service is based on advanced technology and consists of an automatic medicine dispensing robot installed in private homes, with a cloud-based control system and service elements. Today the service is in use in more than 200 home care organizations in the Nordics. Evondos currently employs more than 130 people in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Evondos’ headquarters and production facilities are located in Salo, Finland.

Contact: Kaisa Kaariluoto-Elo, HR Director, +358 40 5001272


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