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Helsinki uses new technology in it's homecare

Use of technology is essential in homecare services

Technological progress is alleviating the shortage of resources for homecare. The automated medication dispenser developed by Evondos ensures that medication is taken at the right time.

The City of Helsinki Service Centre provides meals on wheels and telephone and well-being services to clients of the City’s homecare service.

Service Centre system planner Tuomas Rantala explains that these clients have largely welcomed new service options enabled by technological progress.

“Naturally we take care when selecting the clients who may use a new service, and did so when launching a pilot project to deploy Evondos medication dispensers last November.”

Though technology has become essential in homecare services with the number of elderly people still growing and an acute shortage of care staff, trialling new services at Helsinki Service Centre was not taken lightly.

Technological solutions must be effective, and they must deliver genuine benefits for staff and clients. They must also free up resources and provide better value for money.

Care staff have more time for the client when there are no longer any concerns over pharmacotherapy.

The benefits of Evondos automated medicine dispensers have been clear. Taking daily medication at the same time in the morning is important for many homecare clients, and it is virtually impossible for homecare staff to attend to many clients simultaneously at various locations.

Homecare staff visits can be scheduled for any time of day when a talking medicine dispenser ensures client medication in the morning.

“Care staff can spend more time with the client when the medication regime is already in order,” Rantala explains, adding that client satisfaction surveys conducted shortly after deploying the service indicate that the Evondos device has been warmly received.

The robot also enhances the safety of clients by alerting the Service Centre if a client fails to take medication. The Service Centre can then notify care staff if necessary.