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Evondos-service is used by almost 200 organization that provide homecare in Nordics.

We are continuously collecting experiences from our users and share their tips, tricks and observation for our other customers to use. These will also be shared in our newsletter, that is published five times a year.

Leading a change

Change doesn't happen on itself, it has to created. Behind every big change, there is usualy a strong and commited person who gets the rest of the organization on board. Drivers for changes vary but so do the change stories as well. Here are a few examples.

Future of healthcare in Helsinki

The City of Helsinki does not try out new technologies lightly, the services tried need to be proven and produce benefits for both personnel and end-users. The benefits of Evondos service have been clear.

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Healthtech is seen as an inevitable part of the future in Laitila. City wants to be a forerunner on implemetation of new technologies and ways of working. With Evondos-service, they have managed to increase medicine safety and been able to dedicate more time for care.

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