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As a partner in change

Making a medicine-dispensing robot part of conventional homecare working methods requires planning and managed change. Evondos support you through this whole process and we have positive experiences from over 200 organizations in the Nordics. 

"I can highly recommend them (other municipalities) to take the step. Different municipalities have different organizational conditions, but I am satisfied with our approach together with primary care. Then of course the classic issues are of great importance, such as clear information within the organization and be open for dialogue."

- Emil Forsberg is digitalization manager for the social service in Umeå municipality, Sweden. 

A successful deployment 

To have a successful deployment, key stages are identified and adapted to fit each individual customer. Since the first deployment in 2017 Evondos has today dispensed over 10 million doses and had over 200 successful deployment projects. We are supporting the customers from the initial deployment planning and along the journey. We monitor the success of implementation using clear benchmarks (services modules in use, doses taken from the medicine-dispensing robot, malfunction reports) and feedback gathered from homecare staff and service users. The key stages applying to all customers are identified as:

We work with the customer’s project manager to prepare a service deployment plan defining clear deployment objectives and timetables, the areas where the deployment will occur, and the individuals responsible for operations.

Sharing information
Even when initially considering potential deployment of the Evondos service, we arrange care staff information sessions for homecare teams, presenting the key principles, approach, and impacts of the service.

Selecting clients
We support our customers in making the initial selection of clients when deploying the service for the first time. The selection of clients is always based on the defined objectives of the service deployment, such as reducing the number of medicine restocking visits, improving pharmacotherapy, or a combination of these aims. 

Our initial training at the time of service deployment includes training the administrators who enter the service users into the control system. These administrators then train the other care staff, who are largely responsible for restocking the robot and may also send messages to the client using a mobile application.

Service deployment
Good deployment requires a systematic approach and firm leadership. Working practices must be reviewed and modified in order to gain the maximum benefit from healthcare technology. Customers can draw on our experience of more than 150 successful service deployments, and we remain available to support the customer at various stages of the deployment process.

Except the pre-defined key stages, Evondos also provide our customers with an 24/7 online learning environment, on site trainings and a 24/7 customer support to assure help is available when needed. 

A philosophy of continuous improvement

The Evondos service gained a CE marking in 2014 and we are compliant with the new MDR regulation. The service has evolved considerably over the years and development work is a continuous process. The technical features of the service are being enhanced and the user system is being simplified. 
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Under all circumstances, we strive to always give our customers a robust, reliable and user-friendly medicine dispensing service.