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Evondos participates in the AICCELERATE project to create more personalized care

Briefing | 21.01.2021

Evondos participates in the AICCELERATE project coordinated by HUS Helsinki University Hospital. The goal of the AICCELERATE project is to build a tool that scalable to the different needs of the hospital environment using machine learning. With the project, Evondos will launch an extensive development work to develop the Evondos® service for individual remote care for clients with Parkinson's disease.

The AICCELERATE project is a consortium assembled by HUS consisting of five European university hospitals, one university and ten technology companies, one of which is Evondos. The trans-European network includes industry leaders in both research and technology.

“The benefits of Evondos® service in the safe medication of home care clients have been identified, and now is the time to take the next step and focus on more personalized care. The involvement of the Evondos® service in the project enables the development and utilization of artificial intelligence-based services in remote care”, says Mika Apell, Chief Customer Officer and founder of Evondos.

As a part of the AICCELERATE project, Evondos will begin the development work to integrate its service into a larger service package that utilizes artificial intelligence to identify the client's condition, stage of illness and timely care.

“Evondos® medicine dispensing robot supports the client and observes the client’s well-being and ability to function independently at home, with the help of artificial intelligence to provide more timely treatment decisions and care”, Apell says.

The project will develop the Evondos® service to meet individualized needs in the care of Parkinson's clients.

”The ability of a Parkinson’s client to function on a daily basis depends on timely medication, and they can have up to ten medications in a day. That is why we consider this project to be especially of importance for this target group, but the solutions developed in the project will support more personalized care in other disease groups as well, ”Apell continues.

The project will start in early 2021 and will last for three years. During the project, the developed solutions will be piloted both in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. The European Commission has provided funding for the AICCELERATE project.

For more information, contact:

Mika Apell
Chief Customer Officer

Eetu Koski
Chief Executive Officer


About Evondos

Founded in 2007, Evondos Ltd is the leading provider of automated medicine dispensing services in the Nordics. Evondos’ unique service provides significant quality and cost benefits for professional home care organizations. 

The service enables people in need of medical treatment to get the right medicine at the right time and in the right dosage automatically, which improves patient safety, medical adherence and supports independent life at home. The service is based on advanced technology and consists of an automatic medicine dispensing robot installed in private homes, with a cloud­based control system and service elements. 

Evondos has offices spread across Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark supporting over 200 municipal clients, safely distributing over 7 million doses to date. Evondos’ headquarters and production facilities are located in Salo, Finland.
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