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Checklist for successful deployment

Briefing | 20.10.2020

The benefits of health technology only come to light through a successful deployment. Therefore, the deployment should be carefully planned and managed. We put together a short checklist to ensure you a successful new technology deployment.

Before deployment
  • Annual planning. Consider health technologies already when preparing your annual plan and budget.
  • Targets and goals. Consider clear, realistic, and measurable targets and goals for the deployment.
  • Clear roles. Designate a person responsible for the deployment, and make sure that there are clear roles for everyone involved in the project.
  • Inform and listen. Inform the staff about the change in advance and listen to their thoughts on it.
  • Schedule and plan carefully. Plan the deployment and its different phases in collaboration with Evondos.
During deployment
  • Staff involvement. When deploying a new technology, it is important that the staff can participate and thus commit to the solution.
  • Communicate effectively. Invest in active and open communication also during the process.
  • Allow time for the deployment. Change doesn’t happen in an instant and moving to new routines takes time. Make sure that sufficient time is set aside for staff training.
  • Active customer selection. We encourage you to be active in customer selection already at the beginning of the deployment. Our Customer Project Managers will help you get started with customer selection.
  • Track results. It is important to measure and monitor results to know whether the desired goals are being achieved.

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