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An end to flash drives, with remote upgrading of medicine-dispensing robots

Briefing | Suvi Rannikko | 25.11.2019

The firmware in Evondos medicine-dispensing robots will soon be upgraded remotely, with no further need for slow and cumbersome flash drive upgrades. Remote upgrades are swift and simple, and future upgrades will be implemented more frequently and flexibly, giving clients earlier access to new features and enhancements.

We asked Service Business Manager Mika Apell what this will mean for our customers in practice.

“We are making our medicine-dispensing robots more serviceable and improving our ability to boost their efficiency in line with the wishes of our customers. Evondos will now inform the customer organisation of impending upgrades and install them directly from a remote hub, meaning that there will no longer be any need for homecare staff to install firmware upgrades from a flash drive at the client’s home. This will relieve customer organisations of the time and trouble involved in installing upgrades. Remote upgrades will not affect medicine dispensing or any other functions of the robot, but if a customer cannot accept the proposed time of upgrading for any reason, then this may be flexibly arranged for some other time.”

“Flash drive upgrades were cumbersome and time-consuming, and so even minor upgrades could not be performed swiftly and firmware revisions occurred only once or twice annually. Our customers were accordingly keen to see an easier way of arranging firmware upgrades, and we are delighted to announce that flash drive upgrades are now a thing of the past. Remote firmware upgrades are swifter and easier, and they may now be arranged more flexibly and frequently, giving the customer earlier access to new features and enhancements.”

“The software that enables remote firmware upgrades will be supplied to customers in November. Service administrators have already been notified of its arrival. We anticipate that the first remote upgrade proper will occur sometime at the beginning of 2020. Details of this will be announced at the time concerned.”

Tel. +358 2 777 7625 or e-mail for further details from our customer service unit.

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