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Evondos mobile application adds an extra dose of flexibility

Briefing | Leena Manner | 06.04.2018

The home care professionals can now use the Evondos service also via a mobile application. “The mobile application adds an extra dose of flexibility, as the service can be used on the road, easily and effortlessly,” COO Mika Apell from Evondos notes.

Via the mobile application, all essential information on the home care client’s medication status as well as alarms requiring attention can be easily reviewed. Alarms appear as push notifications, which offers an option for a quick response for home care professionals.

Via the application, messages can be sent as well as client status checked at all times.

“The mobile application makes it easier to utilize the messaging service supporting independent living at home. The home care professionals can further engage and activate the elderly in home care,” Apell continues.

The mobile application, downloadable free of charge in Apple App Store and Google Play Store, works in iOS and Android.

More information:
COO Mika Apell, tel. +358 40 587 3295

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