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How we operate

As a partner in change

Evondos seeks to be a genuine partner to its customers. Making a medicine-dispensing robot part of conventional homecare working methods requires planning and managed change. We support the customer through this process.

Successful, planned deployment

Evondos already has experience of nearly 200 deployment projects. We know what is involved in deploying the medicine delivery service, and how we can help our customers to achieve their objectives at the various stages of deployment. Our experience and expertise remain at the customer’s disposal from initial deployment planning to final measuring of results.

The key stages in deployment:

  • Planning
    We work with the customer’s project manager to prepare a service deployment plan defining clear deployment objectives and timetables, the areas where the deployment will occur, and the individuals responsible for operations.
  • Sharing information
    Even when initially considering potential deployment of the Evondos service, we arrange care staff information sessions for homecare teams, presenting the key principles, approach, and impacts of the service.
  • Selecting clients
    We support our customers in making the initial selection of clients when deploying the service for the first time. The selection of clients is always based on the defined objectives of the service deployment, such as reducing the number of medicine restocking visits, improving pharmacotherapy, or a combination of these aims. 
  • Training
    Our initial training at the time of service deployment includes training the administrators who enter the service users into the control system. These administrators then train the other care staff, who are largely responsible for restocking the robot and may also send messages to the client using a mobile application.
  • Service deployment
    Good deployment requires a systematic approach and firm leadership. Working practices must be reviewed and modified in order to gain the maximum benefit from healthcare technology. Customers can draw on our experience of more than 150 successful service deployments, and we remain available to support the customer at various stages of the deployment process.


Correct information and communicating it to all concerned is crucial in change projects. We work with customers to arrange briefings for care organization staff from the very start of the pre-deployment planning process, advising them of the service and its deployment, and of how it will affect their work and its outcomes. Care staff training for using the service begins after deployment has been agreed.

A 24/7 online learning environment, where care staff can complete short courses on the service and how it works, is also available for support in daily operations.

Help in client selection

As with all health technology applications, an evaluation must be made of which individuals are suitable for the Evondos service. Client selection can seem difficult and laborious to those who have no prior experience of using the service, and Evondos provides tools for managing in such circumstances. We often take part in early client selection processes, where we can share our experience.

We have prepared a clear and detailed deployment plan. We also monitor the success of implementation using clear benchmarks (services modules in use, doses taken from the medicine-dispensing robot, malfunction reports) and feedback gathered from homecare staff and service users. From here you can see an example of said report. This report is from middle sized municipality in Norway.

Tampere University of Technology, as an outside party, has analyzed the effectiveness of our service.

A philosophy of continuous improvement

The Evondos service gained a CE marking in 2014. The service has evolved considerably over the years and development work is ongoing. The technical features of the service have been enhanced and the control system has been simplified. Our development work pays close attention to the customer.

The outlook for Evondos R&D includes further enhancing the service and improving information flow and operability through information system integrations.

Under all circumstances, we shall give our customers a robust, reliable and user-friendly medicine dispensing service.

24/7 customer service

The Evondos customer service telephone hotline on +358 2 7777 660 responds to care staff enquiries in the Finnish language  throughout the year and around the clock.

Our customer service department arranges briefings and training for care staff, provides advice and tips, and assists in client selection at the deployment stage. The customer service department is also responsible for recording the comments of homecare staff and users of the service, and are closely involved in ongoing work to enhance the Evondos service.